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SEO Myths

Everyone praises search engine optimization (SEO) like it’s the holy grail to a successful website — it isn’t. First of all, always remember that content is king. If you do not have good original content and just link to other sites without even providing valuable insights, your sites have less chances at good traffic growth. Even having good content can be less effective if not published at the appropriate time.

A recently popular article over at digg entitled “5 Myths in SEO” lists the following pitfalls: “Overnight Results,” “Placement Can Be Guaranteed,” “Meta Tags,” “Submitting to Search Engines,” and “More Links > Good Links.” Any SEO company or practitioner who promises you these things is most likely lying, or too confident with his illegal methods.

My personal SEO recommendation: Write to your heart’s desire. Write with passion, and always try to provide something unique.

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Content is still king. Having something that people could relate with, find useful and informative is good. And sometimes it’s also how you interact with others 🙂

Yeah, interaction helps a lot. For some bloggers, their site’s popularity thrives solely based on interaction with other bloggers.

[…] In my previous entry, I wrote about the myths of search engine optimization. As I’ve said and as discussed by the related reference, SEO is not the complete solution to successful websites — content is. This time though, we take this useful SitePoint article for our discussion. We’ve said that SEO is not everything, but it can be very helpful in getting good content to those who seek them. If you have the content that you think is of value to other web users, you can get it where it should be through SEO. […]

There are already so many blogs these days… Seems like I am going on an information overload sometimes to be honest. I read some niche bloggers and I am simply amazed at how they interact with their readers and how many people do interact with them. They never seem to run out of things to say! 😀

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