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Western Union AdSense payouts

Not too long ago, the Google AdSense program announced the availability of a new payment option — Western Union Quick Cash. It was well received and everyone seems excited about their first payment through it. So I’m sharing my first time.

Here are other stories on their Western Union AdSense payouts:


4,500 dollars in one day

$4,500 USD in one day.

Pinoy AdSense publisher earns 4,500 US dollarsin one day.

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Pinoy problogger buys a Toyota Vios!

Toyota Vios.

Jumping across my favorite local blogs, I chanced upon fellow WP hacker Kates Gasis’ blog, one which I haven’t visited for several weeks now. One of his recent entries mentions Linkworth, a service better known for text link advertising and search engine marketing. Recently, Linkworth has released four new products to complement its core services: LinkPost, LinkInTxt, LinkArt & LinkDir, this according to Kates’ entry.

Worth noting though is his little side remark regarding these services, at the very last paragraph:

These are 4 new ways to earn a little online. It might be little but it bought me a brand new car.

Among local bloggers doing this professionally, perhaps Kates is the very first to buy a brand new car with his online earnings! He was quick to reply on my comment on the specific model: a Toyota Vios, easily more than half a million pesos. He’s now one of a few who publicly acknowledged buying a car through blogging, like yuga and irawan.

So what’s next for the Filipino professional bloggers?

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Accidental AdSense clicks

The official Google AdSense blog wrote about incorrect implementations of AdSense blocks in various layouts. This clarifies their stand on preventing any form of encouragement for users to click on ad blocks, especially now that they’re directly addressing what used to be considered legal methods of optimizing for AdSense.

Listed among the improper uses:

  • In close proximity to Macromedia Flash games
  • Under pop-ups or download prompts
  • Near site navigation controls on your pages, such as drop-downs or menu links

With these developments, I’m sure many AdSense–dependent publishers will have to re–evaluate their strategies to not risk provoking the big G’s ire. What are your plans now?

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Increase AdSense Revenues

Just as I mentioned recently, a great majority of professional bloggers use Google AdSense to monetize their properties. More importantly, almost all rely on AdSense as their top revenue generator, with other programs just supplementing their AdSense earnings.

In our never–ending search for the perfect AdSense setup, this article on ten useful AdSense tools should position you a step ahead of your competitors.

AdSense Links Optimization

Ten steps to boost your AdSense commission

For most publishers in professional blogging, Google’s AdSense makes up the majority of their income source. We try to search for every optimization method to increase revenues, and continue to experiment with various approaches of presenting content along with our ad blocks. This article provides ten simple tips that are often mentioned, but are must–remembers in your list of AdSense notes. Macalua comments on the mentioned tips as well.