Laptop thefts rising

We rarely get to write something new here on this blog but this one I gotta tell you about: laptop thefts are increasingly getting bolder these days. At least for us here in Manila.

Most of us bloggers never leave home without a laptop or a netbook so this is a pressing concern. Though our laptops are fairly safe when just beside us, we usually succumb to leaving it inside the car just as you grab dinner or when it is simply out of battery life. Never forget though, they are never safe inside your car, not even in the trunk. Thieves are becoming more daring to the point that they would smash car windows in fairly populated carparks, and in the case of the first story, even having the time to go through the trunk and take three expensive laptops.

Here are some tips that should come in handy:

  • Always keep your laptop with you. It is safest when it’s with you than somewhere else.
  • Cars are not safe. Though car alarms may seem like good deterrents, thieves know just how to work around them.
  • Use a bag that doesn’t attract too much attention. Consider this bang–for–value bag that’s simple enough with ample features for gadget fanatics.
  • If you really don’t need it, leave it at home. Depending on your day’s schedule, you may not need your laptop throughout the day so there’s no need to lug it around. It would be safer in your house.
  • Don’t forget to write down your laptop’s serial number. In case the unthinkable happens, you can still report it to the proper authorities and have it listed as stolen. Who knows, it may just show up one day somewhere.