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There are many competitors in the traffic analysis field with services popping left and right, though not one service has dominated the market in a major way. This is mostly because not everyone looks at their data in the same way as others, and we all have our own personal preferences in their presentation. Since most probloggers use WordPress as their weapon of choice for publishing their various niche weblogs, Automattic Stats might work for some of us. This plugin used to be available for users only, but now released for use by anyone self–hosting their WordPress blogs.

Have a look at it and evaluate if this is the stat tracking package you’ve always waited for.

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Professional blogging has always been synonymous with statistics, be it unique visitors, pageviews, or adsense clicks. The rise of blogging has spawned the need for stat tracking systems, to the point that google now owns two promising services: Analytics (formerly Urchin) and Measuremap.

There are several other options in the market, though a good number are only available through paid monthly subscription. For those in need of basic stats, Sitemeter does the job acceptably well. Fortunately for everyone, the popular problogging community Performancing has just launched Performancing Metrics, their stats tool that is both simple yet powerful. A quick overview outlines your site’s daily stats, and you can dig deeper for detailed information. Typical data are available like unique visitors, pageviews, browsers, screen resolutions, and other visitor details. A not so typical (and very helpful) feature is adsense click tracking, which can be used to monitor the ad clicking behavior of your readers. Best of all, it’s currently free, and all you need is a Performancing account (also free). Try it!