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Optimize WordPress for Search Engines

Remember my entry on WordPress being the choice of professional bloggers? That wouldn’t be entirely complete with just a blog with nothing on it, right? First of all, remember that content is king. Always is. You need some high quality content on your site, concerning your specific niche. Not just good resource, but good original content paired with writing optimized for the web.

Nowadays, good content takes you to the doorstep, helping you keep readers coming back. But you can’t get readers out of nowhere, and most of the time search engines will provide this for you. The downside to this is that you have to compete with everyone writing about the same topics. This is where search engine optimization comes in.

Using the excellent WordPress, you can apply these wonderful tips to make your weblog nicer to the eyes of search engine bots. Technically, applying these guidelines makes your pages and content more accessible for your readers, as determined by seasoned web professionals. A positive side effect is that these optimizations makes them more attractive to search engines as well, increasing your chances of being highly relevant for the said topic. A blog with good content with optimized structure for its readers will always have a greater chance at success.

2 replies on “Optimize WordPress for Search Engines”

What I don’t quite understand is why this page appeared first on a search for the word “philippines”. Your content deals with SEO techniques and really has nothing to do with the Philippines (except, perhaps, that your web host is located in that country).

Of course, you don’t have ultimate control over where your page is indexed, but in this case content is obviously not king. You must have a ton of in-bound links that are relevant for the term “philippines” because your content is certainly not optimized for this term.

Funny things, these search engines.

Technically, this entry is somehow relevant because the blog is named “problogger philippines” and is written by a Filipino. Though it discusses professional blogging in a global sense, other entries are also specifically targeted for the pinoy web audience.

But regarding “content is king,” somehow you’re right that this specific page has not content specific to the Philippines, other than the reasons I mentioned above. 😉

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