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Blogging Bought at 16

I was surprised to see an interesting backlink to my “The laptop that blogging bought” entry at my other blog, so I took little time and viewed. I was right — it was one of those He writes about buying the latest Harry Potter book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” with his blogging income. Curiously, he cites his online monetization options, namely PayPerPost, BlogtoProfit, and BidVertiser, among others — no AdSense nor Text Link Ads. Very interesting. Imagine the potential revenue if he had the chance to use two I’ve mentioned.

If at 16 you can earn some through blogging, I’m sure many others could!

So why aren’t you blogging yet?

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Pinoy problogger buys a Toyota Vios!

Toyota Vios.

Jumping across my favorite local blogs, I chanced upon fellow WP hacker Kates Gasis’ blog, one which I haven’t visited for several weeks now. One of his recent entries mentions Linkworth, a service better known for text link advertising and search engine marketing. Recently, Linkworth has released four new products to complement its core services: LinkPost, LinkInTxt, LinkArt & LinkDir, this according to Kates’ entry.

Worth noting though is his little side remark regarding these services, at the very last paragraph:

These are 4 new ways to earn a little online. It might be little but it bought me a brand new car.

Among local bloggers doing this professionally, perhaps Kates is the very first to buy a brand new car with his online earnings! He was quick to reply on my comment on the specific model: a Toyota Vios, easily more than half a million pesos. He’s now one of a few who publicly acknowledged buying a car through blogging, like yuga and irawan.

So what’s next for the Filipino professional bloggers?