Move from Blogger/BlogSpot to self-hosted WordPress

Moving an active blog from Blogger/BlogSpot is no easy task as there are limits on what you can do with BlogSpot’s system. An important consideration in migrating * sites to a self–hosted solution is the SEO and traffic implications. Fortunately, there’s a tutorial from Digital Inspiration that will help you move your Blogspot blog to a self–hosted WordPress solution without affecting your SEO strength significantly.


Tumblr and Posterous are some of the eas …

Tumblr and Posterous are some of the easiest ways to get blogging and are generally good enough unless you need the versatility that WordPress provides.

Software WordPress

Fake WordPress version

By now you’ve heard about the recent fake WordPress 2.6.4 that included backdoored code, be sure to take precautions about your install. And to avoid problems, try to follow some tips I’ve given on securing your WordPress blog.