Are you too google–dependent? What woul …

Are you too google–dependent? What would you do if the service outage a few hours ago becomes far too regular? Are you prepared?


Tumblr and Posterous are some of the eas …

Tumblr and Posterous are some of the easiest ways to get blogging and are generally good enough unless you need the versatility that WordPress provides.


With ABS-CBN now about to broadcast in H …

With ABS-CBN now about to broadcast in HD, will HD–TV finally catch up in the Philippines?


Laptop thefts rising

We rarely get to write something new here on this blog but this one I gotta tell you about: laptop thefts are increasingly getting bolder these days. At least for us here in Manila.

Most of us bloggers never leave home without a laptop or a netbook so this is a pressing concern. Though our laptops are fairly safe when just beside us, we usually succumb to leaving it inside the car just as you grab dinner or when it is simply out of battery life. Never forget though, they are never safe inside your car, not even in the trunk. Thieves are becoming more daring to the point that they would smash car windows in fairly populated carparks, and in the case of the first story, even having the time to go through the trunk and take three expensive laptops.

Here are some tips that should come in handy:

  • Always keep your laptop with you. It is safest when it’s with you than somewhere else.
  • Cars are not safe. Though car alarms may seem like good deterrents, thieves know just how to work around them.
  • Use a bag that doesn’t attract too much attention. Consider this bang–for–value bag that’s simple enough with ample features for gadget fanatics.
  • If you really don’t need it, leave it at home. Depending on your day’s schedule, you may not need your laptop throughout the day so there’s no need to lug it around. It would be safer in your house.
  • Don’t forget to write down your laptop’s serial number. In case the unthinkable happens, you can still report it to the proper authorities and have it listed as stolen. Who knows, it may just show up one day somewhere.
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Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Seeds Collection


Having been part of their launch event, we share with you the new look of Ipanema with 2009’s Gisele Bundchen Seeds Collection:

Put your best foot forward and don fashion savvy flip-flops in funky and vibrant styles as the premiere Brazil based flip-flop brand, Ipanema takes on a new look this 2009 and introduces the GB Seeds Collection by famed Brazilian fashion icon and dubbed by Forbes Magazine’s “The World’s Top-Earning Model,” Gisele Bündchen!

Unique details adorn the latest GB Seeds Collection by Ipanema such as the forest-inspired print on its soles and the metal spiral button gracing the front sandal strap that symbolizes “the seed of life.” This metal emblem empowers each wearer to do their part and share in the campaign towards a lush Philippines by helping to spread the word.

Along with the new line, they are launching a walkathon dubbed “Walked the Green Mile,” in partnership with the Haribon Foundation, one of the country’s foremost environmental conservation group.

With an aim to benefit Philippine rainforests, the walkathon will be on March 21, 2009 and will start front of Le Souffle in The Fort, Taguig City.

Some photos from the event are at my personal blog.


Distraction-free writing


Having trouble focusing on your blogging with various distractions all around you? Maybe you should consider disconnecting and simply just writing. And while you’re at it, how about using a full–screen text editor? You’ve probably heard of the Mac–only WriteRoom, which simply works great for that purpose. For Windows, Dark Room was among the first to offer the same experience for Windows users. And now, we have Q10. Taking the same essential ideas from WriteRoom and Dark Room, Q10 offers a few more helpful features, like writing statistics and the like. Try it!


To fellow probloggers out there

How well did you monetize the holiday rush? 😉

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Fake WordPress version

By now you’ve heard about the recent fake WordPress 2.6.4 that included backdoored code, be sure to take precautions about your install. And to avoid problems, try to follow some tips I’ve given on securing your WordPress blog.


The fall of problogging?

Is professional blogging on a decline? Are the days of making money online finally over? What do you think?

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WordPress 2.6 now available

You’ve heard this news from everyone else so I won’t be doing more damage if I tell you that WordPress 2.6 is now officially available. There are lots of features to love about this one, but more importantly getting the latest version ensures that you are also using the most secure release available. And you need that, it’s a scary place out there.