Problogging is not for everyone

Yes, you got that right, problogging is not for everyone. Despite the enticing benefits made even more inviting by numerous success stories around the web, this newly established career will never be a viable primary source of livelihood for the greater majority of those who try it.

Blogging made it into the mainstream because it enables everyone to communicate almost instantaneously. The promise of getting your message across to your target audience at the soonest possible time empowers every person who can write well enough to be understood. Unfortunately, not everyone has something worthwhile to say.

So how could you take advantage of blogging, professionally? Use it to drive interest towards your competencies. Use your blog to showcase your level of expertise in your field, and rise above the competition. Most web designers keep weblogs to write about recent projects and techniques they’ve developed, and doing so allows them to be noticed by their peers and more importantly, their clients.

Strive to stick to your weblog’s primary goals.
Do not not be drawn by the promise of profits from blogging itself, but rather use it to increase your stock and excel in your field of interest.

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Chymera, I completely agree with you. But note that the key word is “can,” which is entirely different from “will.” I sound pessimistic, I know. But on the other hand, we know that hard work and a bit of luck can take you very far. 😉

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