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Pagerank checklist

Everyone’s gone gaga over Pagerank, so this article should be very helpful in analyzing and breaking it down for you. Now make sure you’ve gone through all the steps. 🙂 Here is the outline of the checklist:

  1. Do you know how Google ranks pages?
  2. Do you know if Google has indexed your page?
  3. Do you know your Page Rank?
  4. Do you create new page rank for yourself?
  5. Do you conserve your page rank?
  6. Do you concentrate your page rank where it will do the most good?
  7. How many inbound links do you have?
  8. Do you use enough keywords?
  9. Do you monitor the progress of your keywords?
  10. Are your <title>, <h1>, and <h2> tags descriptive?
  11. Do you use META keywords and description tags?
  12. Is your URL consistently in the same case?
  13. Do your links have relevancy to the page you’re linking to?
  14. Do make it easy for Google to find your dynamic pages?
  15. Do your inbound picture links use attributes?
  16. Do you avoid the temptation of link farms?
  17. Are you listed with
  18. Do you avoid using frames on your website?
  19. Does your Flash website have an alternate HTML site?
  20. Do you use include files for your JavaScript?
  21. Do you submit all your software to download sites?
  22. Are your webpages less than 101k?
  23. Do you use your Robots.txt file effectively?

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