Adjust Car Mirrors To Eliminate Blind Spots

I came across this interesting article on how to properly position your car’s side mirrors to eliminate blind spots. However, it does not feel natural at all since you no longer see your car in your own mirror. Additionally, some comments suggest that it is not applicable in places with lots of motorcycle traffic since you cannot see them as they move between lanes. Interesting idea though.

I wonder what local car enthusiasts think about this.

With all the SEO talk that DePo started, we now have a thought-provoking response from Danny Sullivan. Time for SEO to put on a good name I guess? Comments Off

The truth about SEO, as Derek Powazek puts it. So controversial that it warrants a followup. It’s time we all see it this way. Comments Off

How to blog almost everyday? Not sure if this will work for me though. Comments Off

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Move from Blogger/BlogSpot to self-hosted WordPress

Moving an active blog from Blogger/BlogSpot is no easy task as there are limits on what you can do with BlogSpot’s system. An important consideration in migrating * sites to a self–hosted solution is the SEO and traffic implications. Fortunately, there’s a tutorial from Digital Inspiration that will help you move your Blogspot blog to a self–hosted WordPress solution without affecting your SEO strength significantly.

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10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Blogging, because some people just need to know about them. Comments Off

The SEO Super Comments plugin for WordPress is a helpful tool for producing unique pages for commenters and their comments, thus improving content structure and presentation within your blog. Comments Off

In sports, Lebron James reportedly gets dunked on by a college sophomore during a pickup game and feels so bad about it that he had videos of it confiscated. True? Comments Off