Receive Money Using PayPal in the Philippines

This is rather late news, but just the same, you’d be pleased to know that you can now accept funds through PayPal, even if you’re here in the Philippines. This is the official stuff, not some questionable workaround to get around international money laws. Local freelancers engaging business with foreign clients are very excited as this opens a new world of opportunities.

A fellow blogger further explains how we can transfer funds from a PayPal account to a local credit/debit card, meaning you can actually get your money in cash, if need be. UnionBank’s EON card is reasonably priced at 350 pesos a year, and considering the advantages it offers, is a very good value.

Lastly, Abe lists down the top 10 places for using your new PayPal account, a good way to open your horizons to more revenue sources.

Now isn’t it nice that we finally have PayPal here in the Philippines?

8 Responses to “Receive Money Using PayPal in the Philippines”

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  4. dennis says:

    Would it be possible to receive a payment from Paypal without any credit cards? I actually don’t have one.

    • markku says:

      Yes. You can have the money transferred to a local bank account, but of course some charges may apply, depending on the transaction.

  5. BALONGSKI says:

    Bago lang po ako sa PAYPAL….. actually i was able to enroll and get verified merely by following several steps shared by paypal bloggers sa net. but still hindi ko alam how safe paypal is: here are some question that could help clearout my mind:

    1) if a person gets my email and pay me via paypal how long will the transaction reflect on my PAYPAL current balance for me to know that the transaction made was good???

    2) Is there any risk in PAYPAL similar to Western Union, that if a person who pays first would have a greater risk that his counter part would run away from the obligation agreed upon????

    3) If a person pays through paypal, if the second party has scammed the payer. Is there a possibility that the payer can cancel the payment made or not?????

    please helppppppppppppp. tnx

    • markku says:

      Paypal is fairly safe. Transactions reflect on your account real–time; once a payment is made, it should reflect as a credit.

      For your second question, it is a similar risk as paypal is only a money transfer service, they have nothing to do with a person selling something and using paypal. On the other hand, if your transactions are done through ebay or some of their affiliates, paypal may provide you some scam protection. But it is certainly not foolproof.