Pinoy problogger buys a Toyota Vios!

Toyota Vios.

Jumping across my favorite local blogs, I chanced upon fellow WP hacker Kates Gasis’ blog, one which I haven’t visited for several weeks now. One of his recent entries mentions Linkworth, a service better known for text link advertising and search engine marketing. Recently, Linkworth has released four new products to complement its core services: LinkPost, LinkInTxt, LinkArt & LinkDir, this according to Kates’ entry.

Worth noting though is his little side remark regarding these services, at the very last paragraph:

These are 4 new ways to earn a little online. It might be little but it bought me a brand new car.

Among local bloggers doing this professionally, perhaps Kates is the very first to buy a brand new car with his online earnings! He was quick to reply on my comment on the specific model: a Toyota Vios, easily more than half a million pesos. He’s now one of a few who publicly acknowledged buying a car through blogging, like yuga and irawan.

So what’s next for the Filipino professional bloggers?

6 Responses to “Pinoy problogger buys a Toyota Vios!”

  1. irawan says:

    Hi Markku, regarding my car that I bought I’m affraid that’s not 100% true, and must be corrected.

    That car was not from blogging earning, because I must admit that ‘I’m a new kids on the blog’ :). I started blogging (intensively) not so long ago (maybe 6 months ago) and I haven’t earnt much to buy a car.

    The earning was purely from my other site that had been established before.


  2. markku says:

    irawan, well somehow it is still applicable as it’s from other forms of online monetization anyway. 🙂

  3. […] After reading blog post from Markku – a pinoy blogger, about another pinoy blogger that managed to buy a new Toyota Vios from selling link via LinkWorth, and also mentioned me and my lovely lancer cb5 that I bought merely from AdSense earning (and NOT from blogging ), today I decided to join LinkWorth, the Search Engine Marketing. […]

  4. ia says:

    That’s awesome news! 😀

  5. Shaider1774 says:

    hi guys … just recently watched a story about professional blogging on tv… and it really got my attention…

    can anyone of you guys recommend a site or a book on which i can read about bloggging pls?

    i’m a newbie and i really want to familiarize myself with blogging so i can earn additional income for me and my family….

    hope you can help me….

    take care and god bless all of you….

  6. markku says:

    ia, galing noh? 😉

    Shaider1774, is always a good start. 🙂