Isulong SEOPH!

SEO Philippines last week launched a keyword ranking contest open to everyone. The keyword for the competition is “isulong seoph,” without the quotes. Whoever is on top of the search results on the night of September 29, 2006 wins a hefty sum, with the prizes at stake currently totalling 130 thousand pesos.

As early as minutes after the announcement of the contest, domains with the relevant keywords were selling like hotcakes. I was able to get, which is currently ranked at number one on the google SERPs. However, the next few weeks should prove to be very exciting as most of the participants are employing various strategies to grab the highly coveted top spot. Keep yourself tuned!

5 Responses to “Isulong SEOPH!”

  1. Clair Ching says:

    I have seen other bloggers who have already blogged about them registering related domains. Yeah. This is something to watch out. I haven’t blogged about it yet though but I am interested as a bystander 🙂

  2. By this time, there’s a different blog that makes to the top 1 on Google’s SERP. I think Isulongseophil is already hard to beat now since he already have 550 or more inlinks. But those who have plenty of time and dedication can still catch up with the contest.

  3. i am so amazed on those people who are fervently earning inlink galores. wowowowee… talking about perseverance.

  4. markku says:

    Everyone’s link whoring for this contest, which I don’t think should be the case. We’ll see. 😉

  5. pinoywafu says:

    sige gud luck na lang sa lahat at sa akin kahit late na entry ko